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Social Skills Groups:

Groups start in September and run through May 2016. Individuals are placed in groups according to social interests and current skill level.  Groups meet once a week at our office and also include opportunities to use social skills in the local community. Groups are purposely kept small (4-6 students), so space is limited.

1:1 Social Coaching:

Sometimes an individual wants or needs some extra assistance in learning how to develop social skills.  One-to-One social coaching allows for the individual to gain assistance in understanding challenging social situations and the opportunity to examine social behaviors with a skilled professional in a safe and comforting environment.

Family Consultation:

Family Consultation occurs as part of the social groups and can also be accessed for any situation in which the family has a need. We assist families in a range of settings to help improve the quality of life for both the individual and their family. Consultation can occur at our offices, the family home, or a community setting.


Additional Services

Behavioral Consultation:  We can assist families by conducting Functional Behavioral Assessments: identifying setting events and triggers to challenging behaviors, and working with teams to gain information on the function of the behaviors.  We also help by writing Positive Behavioral Support Plans to teach the individual replacement skills that fulfill the same function, but are socially acceptable.


Trainings:  We offer group trainings on a variety of topics related to Autism Spectrum Disorder.  We can provide individualized trainings for professional groups, other disciplines, families and caregivers, and community support teams- in short, anyone who is involved in the individual's life.

We are available to provide trainings that are specialized for the needs of your group or agency.

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